Week 5 & 6: Fusion

Fusion is a really cool software to use for designers (especially industrial designs) to make their design come true in a 3D dimension.

In the class, I am really happy that we students get to use it for free, because this just provides us students an easier access to learn a awesome software.

We learnt to make a lamp in first fusion workshop under instructions of the guest speakers, and after the class we tried to build our own work on fusion. I feel like the greatest function for fusion is that it allows you to make a very complex geometry quickly, and you can change the form of the object easily as well. Also, you will be able to change the dimensions accurately, by setting a specific height, width and length in it. The most important thing for beginners is to get ourselves used to the different tools in Fusion (In class, we learnt a lot about using “Sketch”). But for upper level users, the most important thing would be to have a great idea, and Fusion will be a tool to make that idea come true.

Currently I am watching tutorial videos online about the usage of different tools in Fusion, to get myself more familiar of how to use it. The problem of Fusion, though, is that it might be too big for lap-top, therefore, it is not always working on my lap-top. Other than that, it is an awesome tool for designs!


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