DigitalMaking on Thingiverse

We want to collect everything that was and will be created in our DigitalMaking class. We have created the DigitalMaking2015 group on Thingiverse. Please follow these steps to become a member and to post your Things to that group!

I did not succeed in using Google Chrome together with Thingiverse. Try any other browser if you have any log-in issues.

  1. Create a Thingiverse and Makerbot Account. If you already have one, log in!
    1. Upload a nice profile image 🙂
  2. Upload your things either using
      1. Click Create – Upload a Thing
      2. Upload your stl or similar file
      3. Then upload some Screenshots and “Real Life” photos
      4. Add a title and description
      5. Choose your category, tags, and license
      6. Publish
    2. The MakerBot Desktop Software
      1. Go to Library
      2. Click on + New – New Thing
      3. Choose your name, and description
      4. Upload your stl (or similar) and some screenshots and photos
      5. Choose your category and license
      6. Publish
  3. Go to our Thingiverse Group and click “Join Group
  4. Go to Things and + Post a thing


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