Rasolondalao Harin’Hala Hasinjaka

Rasolondalao Harin'Hala Hasinjaka

Rasolondalao Harin’Hala Hasinjaka, “Rin’ha,” completed the first Schlinger Foundation sponsored internship in entomological curation in the laboratory of Michael Irwin and returned home to Madagascar on Nov. 25, 1999, after a 3.5 month stay. In addition to training in insect identification, he worked with Don Webb and Kathy Zeiders in the insect collection at the Illinois Natural History Survey, and spent 10 days at the California Academy of Sciences.

Ann Coddington Rast

Ann Coddington Rast

Ann C. Rast is a sculptor by training and currently teaches in the School of Art & Design at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and at Parkland College. She is also the recipient of the the 2000 Fellowship in Crafts from the Illinois Arts Council.

She began interning with J. Marie Metz in 2001, learning scientific illustration techniques. Her first fly was illustrated using carbon dust, and she is now learning to use the computer to render illustrations.