Meetings and Presentations

Professional meetings and the presentations made at them are times for members of the Therevid PEET team to share the results of their research and progress towards an understanding of the scientific goals for which we are striving. Different in their nature from publishing a scientific paper, professional meetings are a melting pot of ideas and people who come together to share them along with their enthusiasm and insights on various aspects of the science. The ramifications of forging contacts with colleagues can be felt far beyond the meeting itself and can manifest in the planning of collaborative projects or grant proposals, expertise for expeditions, and different perspectives on research.

The Therevid PEET team regularly attended meetings of the Entomological Society of America, the Entomological Collections Network, the NSF PEET meetings (I-IV; V, which we will host and is planned for Urbana, IL in 2004), the International Congress of Entomology, the International Congress of Dipterology, the North American Dipterists Society, the Taxonomic Databases Working Group, and the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators workshops. Periodic group meetings of the Therevid PEET team bring together colleagues from North Carolina State University, Australia, the Schlinger Foundation, and the Systematic Entomology Lab based at the Smithsonian.

Entomological Collections Network Meetings

  • Entomological Collections Network Meeting – Louisville, Kentucky, 6-8 December 1996. Gail Kampmeier presented “Specimen level databases in FileMaker Pro”, co-author Michael E. Irwin
  • 1999 Entomological Collections Network meeting, Athens, GA – 10-12 December

Entomological Society of America Meetings

  • Entomological Society of America, Eastern Branch Meeting – Williamsburg, Virginia, 27 February 1996. Jennifer E. Fairman & F. Christian Thompson presented “Disseminating Biosystematic Information on the World Wide Web”
  • Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting – North American Dipterists Society, Louisville, KY, 9 December 1996
    • Michael E. Irwin, moderator for North American Dipterists Society meeting
    • Michael E. Irwin presented paper entitled “Spermathecae and associated tissues of the female terminalia hold promise for constructing a higher-level classification of the Therevidae (Diptera: Brachycera)”
    • Mark Metz present paper entitled “Differential Variation of Body and Genitalia Size in a Species of Ozodiceromyia nr. nanella (Cole) (Diptera: Therevidae)
  • Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting – Louisville, KY, 11 December 1996. F. Chris Thompson & Jennifer Fairman presented “Electronic publishing: Delivering the goods to the public” in the Section A Symposium: Computer and Software Tools for Improving and Speeding Biodiversity Studies
  • 1999 Entomological Society of America national meeting, Atlanta, GA – 12-15 December

FileMaker Pro™ Developers’ Conference

4th FileMaker Pro™ Developers’ Conference, San Diego, CA, August 24-27, 1999

Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Workshops

  • 2000 Pen, Pencil, Stylus, Mouse: the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators summer workshop on focusing on transitions from traditional to digital media was attended by Jill Marie Mullett from 11-16 June at Beaver College, Glenside, PA.
  • Computerized Rendering of Scientific Illustrations – PowerPoint presentation by J. Marie Mullett at Guild of Natural Science Illustrators’ meeting in Bar Harbor, Maine, August 2001

International Congress of Dipterology

National Science Foundation PEET Meetings

North American Dipterists Society Meeting

1997 Dipterists Informal Conference and Meeting of the North American Dipterists Society – Brian Wiegmann, organizer, December 1997.

Smithsonian Institute Meetings

150th Birthday Party of the Smithsonian Institution on the Mall, Washington, DC 10-11 August 1996. Jennifer E. Fairman & F. Christian Thompson made the WWW version available to “Disseminating Biosystematic Information on the World Wide Web”

Taxonomic Databases Working Group Meetings

  • Taxonomic Databases Working Group Meeting – Toronto, Canada, 12-14 October 1996. Gail Kampmeier presented “Capturing insect specimen data in FileMaker Pro 3.0: a case study with the Therevidae (Diptera)”, co-author Michael E. Irwin
  • Taxonomic Databases Working Group meeting, Reading, England – 12-15 September 1998 – Metadata and Interoperability in Biodiversity Data Systems
  • 1999 Taxonomic Databases Working Group meeting, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA – 29-31 October


University of California – Davis, invited seminar, 11 April 1996. Michael E. Irwin presented “Dune revisited: exploring the life and times of real sandworms”