Higher Ed and Refugee Studies

This page focuses on higher education accessible to refugees, programs of studies on forced migration and/or refugees, and resources to learn about refugees. The centers and studies mentioned enhance learning in forced migration and refugee studies in hopes of bridging the divide between scholarship, policy, and practice. 

Higher Education for Refugees

University of the People: This is a nonprofit, tuition free, and accredited institution offering various degrees in business, computer science, and health.

Kiron: This institution enables access to higher education and successful learning for refugees through digital solutions.

The Silent UniversityThe Silent University is an solidarty based knowledge exchange platform by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. It is led by a group of lecturers, consultants and research fellows. Each group is contributing to the programme in different ways which include course development, specific research on key themes as well as personal reflections on what it means to be a refugee and asylum seeker. This platform will be presented using the format of an academic program.Since 2012 the Silent University has involved those that have had a professional life and academic training in their home countries, but are unable to use their skills or professional training due to a variety of reasons related to their status.

Forced Migration and/or Refugee Studies

UC Merced: The Critical Refugee Studies Collective (CRSC) aims to be the premier institution for critical research, teaching, and public initiatives on refugees, working with local policymakers and nongovernmental organizations and others who work with and on behalf of refugees.

The University of Iowa: In 2013 the University of Iowa held a conference called refugees in the Heartland. View the schedule and resources.

Education Resources on Refugees

The Choices Program, Brown University.  Refugee Stories: Mapping a Crisis. Explore the human geography of the current refugee crisis. [Audience: High school students]