Developed Tool

SINk: Synchronization of Heterogeneous Software Interfaces


Synchronized GUIs (Click on the figure to enlarge)

The design of this tool is mainly motivated by connecting and synchronizing multiple applications with similar functionalities, but different interfaces, over a network or the Internet (imagine you want to synchronize a locally-developed application with an industry closed-box application). Once the interfaces are connected through our system, SINk allows users to automatically synchronize applications and control remote applications only through their visual interfaces.

With SINk, users are able to perform interface control actions remotely, without physical access and without visual view of the remote desktop, as if they were sitting right in front of the remote application.

Our tool:

  • Performs automatic remote synchronization as opposed to manual control,
  • Does not require visual view of remote application interface, thus providing considerable bandwidth saving,
  • Does not require source code access to remote applications,
  • Performs synchronization in real-time,
  • Is platform independent.To the best of our knowledge, no single tool exists that achieves all of these goals.

To obtain the tool, the API documentation, and to get more information on how to integrate it into your existing system, contact the developers.


Mohammad Hosseini, Yu Jiang, Poliang Wu, Richard Berlin and Lui Sha: “SINk : A Middleware for Synchronization of Heterogeneous Software Interfaces“, ACM 14th ARM, collocated with ACM Middleware, Vancouver, Canada, 2015.