David Nguyen disseminates findings at the UIUC Undergraduate Research Symposium

Undergraduate Research Assistant David Nguyen presented a poster at the University of Illinois Undergraduate Student Research Symposium in April 2020. His research was developed in collaboration with Professor Bill Stewart and PhD student Ben Leitschuh. Check out David’s poster here or read an overview of their finding:

The NPS has implemented off-road vehicle (ORV) trail restrictions since 2008 to reduce land degradation, a strategy coinciding with adaptive management strategies. Denali stakeholders have expressed concerns that these ORV restrictions are developed in a way that reflects an adaptive orientation, yet when implemented, aligns with more traditional, non-inclusive land management policy. Interviews (n=11) with Denali Borough residents were transcribed and qualitatively coded to identify themes related to ORV and subsistence use. Dominant themes were heritage stewardship, exclusionary decision-making, and issues of representation. One of the perceptions of ORV policies was the creation of uncertainty in terms of allowable uses. With closer collaboration and increased efforts to clarify communication with ORV stakeholders, the NPS could enhance the sustainability of its policies and continue building a solid foundation for adaptive management.

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