About the Project

Our research is focused on understanding the values of local communities and connections that form between people and places in the region surrounding Denali National Park and Preserve. By facilitating conversations among local residents we will open up a dialogue about how places are changing and organizations are contributing to decisions being made about the environment and local communities. Our specific aim is to establish a process for understanding and responding to multiple viewpoints on the future of protected area management in the Denali region. Over a five-year period, we will collect qualitative (e.g., interviews, discussion groups) and quantitative (e.g., participatory mapping, household survey) data to provide insight on how best to strengthen social, ecological and economic well-being of communities living around four protected areas, including Denali. We will also build strategies for how public land management agencies can focus policy in response to community needs and preferences, as well as incorporate a range of interests into decisions about management of natural and cultural resources. This project builds on preliminary research conducted from 2015 – 2017.

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