Service to communities at large

  • October 2017: “Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Humanity: Misalignments and Realignments”, Pint with a Prof, Habitat Taverns and Commons. Asheville, NC


Organizer or contributor to organizing events

Here is a list of events I have organized or co-organized in the last decade:

  • Mid-South Philosophy of Science Network. (2019-2020) These workshops are organized by Julia Bursten (University of Kentucky. Lexington) and Christina Conroy (Morehead State University). We have met two times in Lexington, KY, in 2018 and 2019 and next meeting is planned to happen at Virginia Tech. Thanks to Julia and Christina for creating this amazing regional network of philosophers of science.
  • PHILOSTEM. (2010-2014) A series of six meetings organized by Indiana University, Purdue University, in Fort Wayne (2011-2014). I was the coordinator of these events, together with two co-organizers: Bernd Buldt (IPFW) and David Mccarty (IU). The website of PhiloSTEM is an archive now, as there are no plans to continue these meetings.

Commenting and moderating

  • April 2021: “Francesco Striano: Alert! How digital visual interfaces shape our world experience and why we should study TikTok. Digital Worlds, workshop organized at UTRGV.
  • May 2013: “Dean Rickles (U of Sydney): Dualities and the Physical Content of Theories”, (commentator). Quantum Gravity in Perspective, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP).
  • November 2012: “Michel-Antoin Xhignesse (McGill U.): (Non-)Counting Statues”, (commentator). IPA
  • October 2012: “Nick Huggett (University of Illinous, Chicago): Emergent Spacetime and Empirical (In)coherence”, (commentator). PhiloSTEM-4
  • April 2012: “Charles Pence (Notre Dame): Four Conflated ‘Chance’-Like Concepts in Evolutionary Theory”, (commentator). IPA
  • April 2012: “Pablo Ruiz de Olano: Are elementary particles irreducible representations? A Note on Holism and Structural Realism”, (commentator). PhiloSTEM-, IPFW.
  • April 2011: “Matt Carlson (Indiana U.): Inferential Dependence”, (commentator). Indiana Philosophical Association IPA 2011, Ball State U. Muncie, IN.
  • April 2011: “James Brian Pitts (University of Notre Dame): How Massive Nordstrom Scalar Gravities Rationally Reconstruct 20th Century Space-time Theory: Priority of Field Equations over Geometry, Conventionality, Underdetermination, Etc.”, (commentator). PhiloSTEM-1
  • February 2006: “Sophia Vasalou (Cambridge University): Personal identity across temporal gaps: an Islamic view of the problem”, (commentator). Selves, Souls and Survival — Society of Christian Philosophers Pacific Regional Meeting, University of San Diego.
  • April 2003: “Christian Wuthrich (U. of Pittsburgh): Does Modern Physics Permit the Operation of Time Machines?”, (commentator). Graduate Philosophy Conference, UC, San Diego.