My areas of specialization and competence include the ethics and epistemology of emerging technologies, philosophy of science, applied ethics (especially ethics of scientific practice, ethics of AI), as well as computational aspects of natural sciences and cognitive science, and general philosophy of science.

I have published in the ethics and epistemology of computer simulations in science, applied ethics (with an emphasis on artificial agency in machine ethics), and trust in science and technology. My research in general philosophy of science focuses on the epistemology, metaphysics, methodology, and logic of science. I have a more specialized focus on philosophical issues related to Big Data, numerical simulations, machine learning, and Bayesian modeling in science. In the philosophy of physics, I published on spacetime theories and quantum gravity, especially on philosophical issues with the string dualities. In the logic of science, I work on Bayesian formulations of scientific perspectivism and a formal, metacognitive, approach to trust in science and emerging technologies. I have developed some models of moral cognition in the area of machine ethics. I have participated in conferences in other areas such as: philosophy of social science, metaphysics, the epistemology or ethics of climate studies.

Thank you for your interest in my research!