Publications and areas of research

Articles and chapters

I do not have a separate page with my publications, although I periodically update my profile on PhilPapers, Google Scholar, and ResearchGate. Please check these links below:

Detailed areas of research

For the last several years I have done research and I have published on the philosophical aspects of computational science:

  1. the epistemology of computer simulations in science, with a special emphasis on the role of machine learning and evolutionary computation as a new tool of discovering mechanisms, laws of nature and symmetries and invariants;

  2. the epistemology and ethics of a relatively new area called ‘machine ethics,’ which deals with the ethical and epistemological implications of artificial intelligence and artificial morality. I am interested in artificial moral cognition and the theoretical basis of creating artificial agency through machine learning.

When it comes to metaphysics, my research is focused on time, ontological pluralism, and possible worlds semantics. I want to know how time enters the metaphysical accounts and what role it plays in semantics of possible worlds. I am interested to know more about a metaphysical approach to structures (e.g. T. Sider). I also have interest in the history of philosophy in Aristotle, Neoplatonism, Leibniz, and early history of analytic philosophy.