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With degrees in philosophy and applied physics, I am a philosopher and a scientist. My research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of philosophy of science, philosophy of computation, epistemology, and applied ethics to technology and science. I work on unification, explanation, model-based reasoning, laws of nature, perspectival realism, trust, and metacognitive aspects of scientific practice. In the philosophy of physics, I investigate space-time models of unified field theories, the philosophical assumptions of quantum gravity (string theory, especially string dualities), and semi-classical models. In addition, I am highly interested in the philosophical aspects of cognitive science and computational science (numerical simulations, machine learning, and evolutionary computation). Recently, I have been involved with the emerging area of ‘computational ethics’ (or ‘machine ethics’) and models of artificial moral agency based on AI and machine learning.

I teach on similar topics that impact our world and on how we pass this knowledge to future generations: the philosophy of science, the philosophy of AI and its application in science and everyday life, the philosophy of other emerging technologies, logic, epistemology, or philosophy of mind and cognitive science.

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