Courses in my Area of Specialization (AOS)

General Philosophy of Science

  • Contemporary Philosophy of Science. Advanced course at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2022), Syllabus
  • Philosophy of Science. Butler University, Advanced course in Science, Technology, Society program (STS) (2014)  Syllabus
  • Values, decision-making, and responsibility in science, UNCA. A course designed for students in physics and biology (2016,2020).
  • Philosophy of Science. Upper-division course at IPFW, Indiana University, Purdue University, Fort Wayne (2013, 2014) Syllabus
  • Ontic Structural Realism. Advanced Seminar for senior students at IPFW (2013).
  • How Science Works. Level 1 course at University of Leeds, UK (2009) Syllabus
  • Modern Science: Historical Emergence and Philosophical Interpretation. Master-level module co-taught with Dr. Chris Kenny and Dr. Juha Saatsi at the University of Leeds (2009)
  • Logic and Decision Making, Introduction to Scientific Reasoning. University of California, San Diego (2009).

Philosophy of Physics or Natural Sciences

  • Philosophy of Natural Sciences. Advanced course at IPFW (2013) Syllabus
  • Topics in Philosophy of Physics. Master course at University of Leeds, UK (2009). Syllabus
  • Philosophy of Physics. University of Bucharest (2006).

Philosophy of Technology, Philosophy of Computation, Data, and/or AI

  • Philosophical Foundations of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2024). Syllabus
  • Ethics, Technology, and Society. University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley (2020-2024). Most recent syllabus
  • Ethics of Emerging Technologies and Scientific Practice. Honors course at UNCA. (2017) Syllabus and Flyer.
  • Ethics of Science and Emerging Technologies. Master course (MLAS) at UNCA. (2016) Syllabus

Philosophy of Cognitive Science/Neuroscience

  • Mind and Machines. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2023). Syllabus.
  • Learning and Intelligence: the natural, the social, the artificial. Master of Liberal Arts and Science (MLAS) course at the University of North Carolina, Asheville (2019) Syllabus
  • Mind and Cognition. Unibuc (2006).

Philosophy of special sciences

  • Philosophy of Social Science. Advanced course at PFW (2013). Syllabus

Advanced Logic

  • Symbolic Logic. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2022, 2024) Syllabus
  • Topics in Advanced Logic. UNCA. Cross-listed courses in philosophy, computer science, and mathematics (2016). Syllabus and Flyer
  • Formal Logic (modal logic). University of Leeds, Level 2. (2009) Syllabus
  • Modal Logic and Fuzzy Logic. UniBuc (2001, 2006).


  • Theories of Causation. UniBuc.
  • Ontology. UniBuc.