Why clients chose ICON

It was an eye opening experience which helped me evolve a lot of the different aspects of the company and what our objectives were. Everyday when you are living in it, it is hard to put yourself out there and look at it from an objective perspective.”
Charles Gucker
CEO, One-Step Consulting

We really enjoyed working with the team, because they had things that we didn’t really think about. The value is to have different opinions and have another point of view. It really exceeded my expectations”
Peter Frey
CIO, Expressen

They always wanted to deliver and I feel like that is a very important thing, because if people are like that, then they will go to the extra mile”
Malin Cronqvist

Founder, Help to Help

“We changed course around midpoint, but it was actually because they delivered more than I expected
Preben Wik

CEO, Furhat Robotics