We consolidate the brightest and most innovative future leaders from around the world. By assembling cross-cultural teams made up of an international network of consultants, we delve into the core of problems and generate innovative and sustainable strategies that deliver quality service for client organizations.

ICON is open to all students at the University of Illinois. You can participate as either an Internal or International consultant. Internal consultants participate in selling projects, corporate sponsorship, event planning, student recruitment, and communications. International consultants work in diverse project teams working with international clients to solve business and technology cases such as gap analysis, market entry plan, competitive landscape analysis, financial forecast, technology transformation, human capital, and more.

ICON is designed to leverage the strengths of students from a variety of disciplines. All applicants will be evaluated based on their abilities and merits. This is a highly-selective organization that allows outstanding students an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their peers. All ICON consultants undergo consulting training before the start of their projects.