Student Profile

Who ICON Consultants Are

The UIUC Chapter is comprised of top students from 4 colleges, with the majority from the College of Business and Engineering. Our membership ranges across 16 disciplines from all graduate and undergraduate levels.


Why Students Chose ICON

My time with ICON has been transformative. From interacting with clients in a professional setting to conducting detailed financial valuations, I feel confident in my future professional prospects”
Adam Bhatti
Project manager, New York

ICON is an incredible experience. It’s good for you to understand other cultures and meet other people to develop your interpersonal skills as well as intra-personal skills”
Erica Young
Consultant, Singapore

“I joined ICON because I wanted to improve my international business perspective and experience consulting practices. And indeed ICON provides me opportunities to learn and work with people from all over the world, including amazing peers and experienced clients.”
Minghao Guan
Project manager, Illinois

“I would highly recommend ICON, and for people to come out of their selves and take on leadership positions. Hard work speaks for itself. If your content, research, and contributions are instrumental each and every week, you will be rewarded.”

Yuedong Tony Liu
2016-2017 ICON UIUC Chapter President, Illinois