Dr. Lucia Furiassi

Lucia Furiassi received her Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry from the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” under the supervision of Prof. Gilberto Spadoni. During the course of her Ph.D. she spent nine months as a visiting researcher at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under the advisement of Prof. Paul Hergenrother. Her graduate studies focused on the design and synthesis of melatonin receptor ligands and temozolomide derivatives. She joined Prof. Hergenrother’s lab as a Postdoctoral Associate in May 2019.


Tunable Stability of Imidazotetrazines Leads to a Potent Compound for Glioblastoma
Svec, L. R.; Furiassi, L.; Skibinski, C. G.; Fan, T. M.; Riggins, G. J.; Hergenrother, P. J. 
ACS Chem. Biol. 201813, 3206-3216.

Identification of Bivalent Ligands with Melatonin Receptor Agonist and Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH) Inhibitory Activity That Exhibit Ocular Hypotensive Effect in the Rabbit
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Tetrahydroquinoline Ring as a Versatile Bioisostere of Tetralin for Melatonin Receptor Ligands
Rivara, S.; Scalvini, L.; Lodola, A.; Mor, M.; Caignard, D-H.; Delagrange, P.; Collina, S.; Lucini, V.; Scaglione, F.; Furiassi, L.; Mari, M.; Lucarini, S.; Bedini, A.; Spadoni, G. 
J. Med. Chem201861,3726-3737.

Marine bisindole alkaloid: A potential apoptotic inducer in human cancer cells 
Salucci, S.; Burattini, S.; Buontempo, F.; Orsini, E.; Furiassi, L.; Mari, M.; Lucarini, S.; Martinelli, A. M.; Falcieri, E. 
Eur. J Hist201862,111-116.