A Phase 1b clinical trial of PAC-1 for glioblastoma patients has begun

A drug that spurs cancer cells to self-destruct has been cleared for use in a clinical trial of patients with anaplastic astrocytoma, a rare malignant brain tumor, and glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive late-stage cancer of the brain. This phase Ib trial will determine if the experimental drug PAC-1 can be used safely in combination with a standard […]

eNTRyway is LIVE!

eNTRyway is our web app for predicting compound accumulation in Gram-negative bacteria. It predicts the likelihood of a small-molecule to accumulate in Gram-negative bacteria. This prediction is based on the presence of a suitable ionizable nitrogen, proper shape, and flexibility. Try the app here.

Vanquish Oncology, Inc. announces multimillion dollar investment to move PAC-1 to human clinical trials for cancer patients.

Cancer drug tested in pet dogs is now bound for human trials. University of Illinois chemistry professor Paul Hergenrother, left, and veterinary clinical medicine professor Tim Fan led a study of an anti-cancer compound in pet dogs that is now headed for human clinical trials. Continue reading the Illinois News Bureau article.