Week 12: Auditing

This week, we continued our work with our final projects. However, we added ¬†something a little different this time, in that each group was assigned to audit another group’s design. This was different from our usual group sharing in that we actually had the chance to sit down and really delve deeper into another group’s work and vice-versa. This allowed each group to properly and efficiently critique another design, as well as receive feedback of their own.

Our group was first paired with JJJ Inc., who are currently developing the smart lightswitch; a smartphone-operated device that uses an application to control a motor to operate a lightswitch from a distance. While it may seem relatively simple, the amount of effort and creativity they have put into it is astounding. They designed their own laser-cut casing and have incorporated an Arduino into their project, making full use of the skills they gathered during our time at the Fab Lab. Their project is based off efficiency and aesthetics. Being able to turn the lights on or off from a distance with only a smart-device is something many people would adore, and adamantly use. And the enclosure they’ve created for their device looks neat, as well. It appears to operate ¬†perfectly and serves its purpose. Quite a unique and expertly done take on a classic dilemma. One “issue”, so to speak, that we did foresee however is that it is somewhat bulky and maybe arduous to install and/or remove. Also, their design, as it stands, only works for traditional light switches. Dimmer/rotary switches can’t really be turned by the motor. However, that could definitely be something they could create/improve if they ever choose to take the product to market. Perhaps by making two different designs or adding some features to their existing one.

We also received some much-appreciated feedback for our design. JJJ Inc. recommended that we add some physical grooves to the tie helper not only to make it more flexible, but as a method to make it easier for the user to determine where each end of the tie may go. They also recommended that we perhaps look into resizing the design and maybe changing the thickness. All good suggestions, but we recently just printed an edited version of our prototype in semi-flex filament, which should mitigate most if not all of our issues. After testing this prototype, we should only need to make a few more adjustments to the design to ease use, but the overall structure and plan of the project is complete. It’s been an exciting semester; we have all gained some very enhanced skills that allowed us to create these projects. I’m looking forward to seeing what we all have produced.

Version of our design printing in black semi-flex filament

2 thoughts on “Week 12: Auditing

  1. Hi Brian,
    Our team really benefitted from your audit. We really appreciate the suggestions and comments. We’ve been working on reducing the size of the box and allowing consumers to apply different sizes of arm to the motor. We like your project as well. I’m glad to see that you have been working well with the 3D printer (although it hasn’t been so friendly to us). Look forward to seeing your final product!

  2. I think your product is great! My team and I also went with a more simplistic design. I think some of the simplist things in life can make just as big of an impact as the complex things. I can’t wait to see your finalized product!!

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