Design Auditing

This week has been yet another week of great progress. Since the beginning of the project I have learned more about our product and what is needed to complete the minimum viable product and have since then been stream-lining what features it will need as well as how I will go about doing that. The design auditing process did great work in helping me see some of the ways I can do this as well as give me a few ideas on how to execute the final product iteration. And this final iteration is coming along very well as the last thing to get the fully functioning prototype is the speakers and microphone. I wrote code and setup the electronic circuits to control the led, button, camera and the LCD display and be able to already record the stories (with video without audio). I also got a lot of insight into the JJJ Inc.┬áteam who also did a design audit for us as well. They were working on the smart light switch, I found their project interesting and saw they had a different approach to their project. My main take away from the design auditing process was to strive for a minimum viable product given the short timeline we have and to learn as much as we can while working on our projects. We should have our finished product before next monday and that thought excites me greatly. I look forward to seeing everyone’s final products.

2 thoughts on “Design Auditing

  1. Hi Taofik,

    I also like the concept of simplifying your product. With the display and all of the voice commands I would think keep the interaction simple is probably best at least to start. I am really excited to see your product in working form. I think this sort of interactivity that produces video content is an excellent idea.

  2. I think your take away of simplifying your product is key. Especially in our short time frame to create and perfect a product. That was one thing my team and Iwent through. We made such a complex product that we ended up changing our idea to something we could accomplish within this semester. I cannot wait to see your final product!

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