Project Audit and Assessment

This week, we conducted project audit for two teams. We first audited The MakerLAX’s project, the tie helper. They have several highly finished model. They are going to use a flexible material in the prototype. We believe that they are on the right track to achieve their goal. Another team we audited was the Team Zerott and their robot designed for the MakerLab. They have completed a significant amount of programming using Raspberry Pi. They’ve also designed and created a decent body with wood board to cover the wires and boards. Overall, both teams are under the right track of completing their prototypes.

Our team also made huge progress for our own project —  the Smart Light Switch. Based on our experiments in last week, we decided to use a cross-shaped arm instead of gear. We connected the arm to the motor, and connected the motor to the Arduino board. Then, we connected the bluetooth module to the Arduino board. We found a smartphone application that allows us to control the motor to rotate through bluetooth. This app saved us a lot of hassle.

For the outer box, we’ve created two versions. One is to laser cut one using wood board. We consider this as a “economy” version since it is cheap and time-saving. However, it might need to be larger than needed. Another version we created is the 3D printed box, which is more time consuming but more polished. Both versions allow customization. After testing our motor using the light switch in MakerLab, we found the position to install the motor. Next, we will be mounting the motor to the box. Overall, we are one step from finishing the product.

3 thoughts on “Project Audit and Assessment

  1. I’m so glad we were able to find the app. Finding the app saved us hours of work and multiple headaches. It kind of feels like cheating by why fix something that isn’t broken. Glad that our project is coming along.

  2. Even though you didn’t end up using your Fusion 360 design, it still looks pretty great. Thanks again for your advice on our project, and yours seems to be coming along excellently. I love how you paired the Arduino coding and the laser-cut design together. It really reminds me of all the fun we had in the Fab Lab. Looking forward to your demonstration.

  3. Hey Xinlu,
    Glad to see that your project is coming along so nice! That’s so nice that you found a smartphone app to help you. There really is so many apps out there to help people these days and I’m glad to see you took advantage of this technology to help you out. It really does look like you have made awesome progress on your project and I’m excited to see the finished project next week.

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