Designing in the Digital Realm

This week we had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Smith, an AutoDesk representative, as he taught us how to utilize the Fusion 360 Software. This intuitive software allowed us to create complex geometries and objects in a digital space. This also allowed us to easily manipulate the object and even allow us to test for the integrity of the object and much more. Prior to utilizing the software, we had to watch a Fusion 360 tutorial on youtube by Lars Christensen, which was nice as we could go at our own pace and rewind when necessary. This model was to create a conduit box for electrical equipment that will be used in house remodels or construction.

Our next assignment was to create anything and everything you can think of during the presentation that Mr. Smith gave us and so it was reassuring that we had an expert in the room in case there was any difficulty with the software.  We first started by learning the fundamentals of the software, such as lines and then shapes and then 3D shapes.  We then proceeded to utilize the create form tool and that was very interesting since it allowed for complex shapes of all sizes.


The next stage was to build our own model of something that we use on a daily basis with 2 or more components. The object I created was my Hydro Flask water bottle. I was able to shell it for the double walled aluminum construction as well as create the necessary threads for the cap to fit in the mouth. The images below reflect my actual bottle and the rendering.




Link to the A360 Model

This exercise made me think of everyday objects as different elements that needed to be joined together and thoroughly designed. Every aspect of every object you use has been analyzed and reiterated until it was ready for consumer markets. This means that there are elements of design everywhere in everyday objects and this exercise gave me the insight to develop a product for the class. Each component of each object is as important as the one prior, this means that as we begin to design our product, we must be able to think in terms of each element of the product and how it all fits together like a puzzle.

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