Cardboard Fun Near BIF

This past week our group decided to go one step further than our paper prototype and make a cardboard prototype. One that would let us visualize our structure a little better so we could figure out how exactly it would need to be made. Additionally, we printed off prototypes of our product.

To start off with making the paper prototype was extremely helpful in the visualization of what the final product would look like. Then making the cardboard prototype was even more helpful as we saw something that would be more akin to what the final product would look like. To make it we used the space in Flagg hall to cut out our cardboard and used super glue to piece it all together. It was great seeing solid triangles put together to really get a feel for how it would look like all stacked up on each other.

After we finished working on the cardboard prototype we started figuring out how we could finalize the CAD model so we could start printing off the 3D pieces. That came with its own challenges, in particular, it was difficult figuring out the centerpiece that would interlock all of the triangles together in one organized stack.

Above is a pictured visualization of what we had to make in Autodesk 360 including the centerpiece which we printed out separately in order to quickly test how the joints fit with each other. We’ll probably have to continue to test how those pieces interlock with each other as the product goes on. Unfortunately, we still haven’t found an ideal diameter that makes the pieces interlock smoothly and securely.

As we move on the project has been coming on quite nicely. Pictured above are our two prototypes side by side. It’s awesome to see how long we’ve come and we’re definitely looking forward to working on the final iteration in 3D printing.

3 thoughts on “Cardboard Fun Near BIF

  1. Hey Ian,
    I remember your group working on the paper and the cardboard model for your prototype. I think it is a very smart idea to have a basic model made with simple materials to get an idea of how you would be 3-D modeling it and also fix any design issues that it might have. Also, good job with the post. I wish your group good luck with your product.

  2. Hi Ian,
    I really like the idea of making a prototype out of cardboard before actually printing them out. It definitely saves time and provides a lot of information. I can see your project will require a lot of work on building the 3D model for printing. As I also work on building the 3D model in our team, I found it challenging for the beginners to use all the advanced functions in Fusion 360. It takes me forever to get one part and I can see you are getting a lot of parts done already. I look forward to see your final prototype!

  3. Hey Ian,

    Your project is really coming along! From what I saw in class today, it seems like all you had to do was print a couple of more parts/print adaptors. Does the water pump and tubing fit in your prototype? Overall, keep up the good work! Seems like you guys are doing a great job!

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