Approaching the Final Prototype

For this week’s class, we worked once again on finishing up our prototype! We made a lot of progress today from being able to figure out how to interlock our different pieces to how we’re going to pump water through our aquaponics tank. A lot of our equipment arrived today so we were able to test out our water pump in addition to using the hose to push through the water.

Originally, a lot of our squares didn’t quite fit with each other so we until we sanded down the middle joint. Sanding it down made it actually fit perfectly and tighter. With that, we had actually solved one huge major problem that we had in our prototype. From there we filled up a bucket of water and started feeding water through our prototype. The water flowed perfectly through the pipe and into our modular plant holders. One issue though that we did encounter early on that we had to fix was that the pipe adaptor wasn’t quite fitted to our modular plant holders so we actually had to 3D print an adaptor to the adaptor attached to the water pump. Which proved to be quite easy after building custom modular pieces.

Our prototype is really starting to come together and the next big thing to tackle is making the actual fish tank. We’ve been utilizing the fab lab and ordering our fish tank sides through their lab. As of now, we’re still waiting on the shipment which should come within the next week according to the people at the lab.

Unfortunately for this lab, I wasn’t able to take many pictures but I am working on a video now for the overall class and one following my team. So hopefully, as I edit it I’ll be able to post small segments as part of my blog post. I’ll definitely be updating my progress on the video inside this blog in addition to what we do. I’m really excited for making the full fish tank for sure.

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  1. Hey Ian,

    It’s unfortunate that the FabLab did a bad job on ordering your fish tank. Let’s hope it arrives sometime this week so your team can finish the first prototype. I really enjoyed your video last week! Looking forward to your next one!

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