Project Update: Smart Glove

With the deadline fast approaching, I’m glad to say we have a fair amount of work done and we also have a good plan moving forward. For what we’ve done so far, We have a basic prototype with a force sensor done. This consists of the glove and two copper sheets isolated by some flexible material. Each layer is further isolated by the black hockey tape you see in the picture. Also, we are currently prototyping on an Arduino Uno, but for the final design we’d like to use an Arduino Nano (which should be a drop in replacement).


One of the biggest design changes we made this week was realizing that it would be unnecessary to process all the data in real time on the Arduino, and it would be better to just use it to capture the raw data and process it later on a computer. One potential idea we had was to make a small website to do it, and time permitting, we’d like to try that out.

Moving forward this week, we need to design the sd card system, which should be fairly trivial, and see if it is still feasible to do the accelerometer.

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  1. This is such an awesome project! I feel like there are a lot of possibilities with your glove, especially for the technical aspect. For the possible website to interpret the data, would HTML be sufficient enough? What are the necessary differences between the Arduino Uno and the Arduino Nano that require you to use the latter?

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