Week 12

This week we got a chance to see what the MakerLab at IU was like. It was pretty cool to see how others interpreted the maker mindset and built their own space for making. Also this week everyone focused on progressing with their final semester projects. It was great to see how all the other projects were coming along and how everyone is tackling different problems in their own unique way. I really liked the idea of an auto-tuner for a stringed instrument as my pitch isn’t quite perfect enough for me to tune a guitar by hand after re-stringing it.

As previously mentioned, Pri, Steven, Toheeb, and I are currently trying to bring wheelchair racing gloves into the 21st century by enabling data connectivity and analytics. The team really has no data at the moment, so even the most basic information about stroke depth or frequency would be invaluable for training.

For our next steps, we’re working on code for the actual collection of data. We’ve already created our first mockup that is supposedly ready for basic accelerometer and force readings. Hopefully it holds through our tests this week and we can get ahead on making it somewhat presentable and into a legitimate object!

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