Week 12 reflection-project update

Within the regular class time, we had time to work on our semester project. It is very interesting to listen to project updates from different teams/individuals. Particularly, one classmate gave us one solution for our current difficulty that is making the bottom of the cup holder adjustable,and professor provided us valuable suggestions on our project. Last week, Jiaqian and I discussed the different designs for cans holder. Comparing cons and pros, our team decided to have a fixed bottom with an adjustable handle not only because the design will be easier for us to implement, but also considering the material as well as time costs. Currently, we have measured the normal size range of cans and start to draw the parts in Fusion 360 in order to 3D-printed it.

Our design has been broken into four 3D printing parts and one external part. I printed one of the parts of the bottom, which it only took 20 minutes. The design is a very time-consuming work. Cutting, extruding and modifying are all completed based on Fusion 360 tools. Due to the unfamiliarity of Fusion 360, I cannot quickly reach the points that I want to achieve. Fixing a small line of the design sometimes takes me more than half an hour. I hope we could complete the project on time. On Monday class, the major task for me is making the handle design adjustable so that it can fit any sizes of cans. We would like to add a temperature meter (external part) on our design for future users so that people will be able to know the drinking temperature and enjoy the best tastes. IMG_1640[1] 屏幕快照 2016-04-24 11.35.21 PM屏幕快照 2016-04-25 12.00.24 AM

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  1. Looks like you are making progress! I am excited to see where you go with this. It is difficult and time consuming working with Fusion 360. I am trying to design a phone holder for a prosthetic hand, and it is taking me a while! Good luck moving forward!

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