Week 10 – CU Fab Lab

Sadly, this was our last experience at the CU Fab Lab. Even more sadly, I was sick for our second visit and so this was only my second time going. However, I got to work with arduinos this time, and since that is something that I have always wanted to do, I was very excited. Actually, working with arduinos is basically the type of work I hope to go into after graduating. Being able to work with my hands and physically build something while also being able to use my programming knowledge is how I describe my dream job.

A lot of what we did on Monday was just to understand the basics of the program and the types of things you can do with arduinos. We talked about controlling LEDs, Using variable resistors, and controlling a servo. It seemed like a lot of people had trouble not with the actual board but with the coding, which is understandable for people who have never experienced programming. I tried helping those around me with some of coding, since I knew a bit about the language we were coding in. It was a really cool experience, and I was even able to combine all of the little projects we did into one big contraption using the variable and touch resistors to control the servo and the led at the same time.

Towards the end, we talked about creative ways to use some of the things we had learned, including making a big touchpad out of aluminum foil. After seeing an arduino firsthand after I’ve heard so many things about them, I think I am fully convinced to go out and buy one for myself so I can continue playing around with it and hopefully do some #digitalmaking in my freetime.

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