Round #3 at The FAB Lab

Monday was our last day at the FAB Lab, and I want to able to learn how to program Arduinos. I was able to learn how to Digitally Embroidery the first week we were there and the second time around I got to learn how to use a new program that was free and accessible by anyone in order to laser cut. Arduinos was probably one of my favorite things that we got to learn at the workshop and I was grateful to have it saved for last. It really showed and taught us that we don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to get small little things fixed in the tech items we all own like our desktops, and phones. Sometimes there is only a little tiny cheap piece of wiring broken in our items that is really easy to fix and replace if we just did a little research.

Even when it came to programming the Arduino it was much simpler than I thought it would be. There are hundreds of prewritten codes that we can find anywhere and everywhere. All we have to do is find something similar to what we want to accomplish with our code and tweak it a little bit so that it does. We never need to really start from scratch if all we are looking to do its simple things. I found that really cool and interesting that people just post codes online that make life 100 times easier for us folks that struggle with it.

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  1. Programming can be really simple once you learn a few basics! I’m glad you had a good time.

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