If all lives, all events since the beginning of time were compiled into a book, how many pages do you think it would be? A billion, a trillion, a google, perhaps infinite?  One event at the beginning of time (may it be The Big Bang, God’s creation of Adam and Eve, or a feathered serpents’ spontaneous creation of all living things) would introduce this book with a bone chilling topic sentence. Then all of this initial events substituents, its effects, fill page after page with complex characters, graphic displays, and plot twists that trump those of the famous fictional screen writer M Night Shyamalan.  A story about life, our protagonist fighting its way through flood, drought, climate change, volcanic eruption, horrors, and beauties I am incapable of imagining.  A book of this sort would make Stephen King himself gnaw on his finger nails as he flipped the page. On one of these pages would be me, lets call it a 5′ by 5′ page. It is my honor, my duty, and my goal as a part of life to fill up this page as I see fit. I see this blog as a paragraph in this page, and I am writing it for whoever is interested.