Reflection of Essay 2

I found peer editing to be the most helpful in writing this essay. I feel this way, because while writing this essay I talked about philosophies in Cannery Row that required a lot of analysis. It is often hard to get what you are thinking into comprehensive sentences. Having someone read my essay and seeing where they had trouble processing what I wrote allowed me to make changes to benefit it. I changed much of the original wording in this essay and several grammatical errors.  As I revised I noticed the influence that my favorite writers had on my own writing.  I found that reading the voices of authors such as Hemingway and Steinbeck has had affect on my own voice, not to say that I am anywhere close to there skill of writing. I enjoyed the opportunity to explore Steinbeck’s lessons and purpose in writing Cannery Row through the writing and revision of this essay, and am glad to have learned from the experience.