Minor Assignment 1 Reflection

I have always enjoyed watching short films, and have seen less than a handful that resembled Landreth’s work. ¬†Writing this review reminded me of conversations I had with my cousin, where we would discuss the perplexing short films that the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City had to offer. What perplexes me most about animated films like Ryan is that every slight movement, every entrance and exit, and every sound is created to enhance the story.

In revising this essay I began by changing grammatical errors. This included researching the proper use of a semicolon. I also researched other movie reviews in order to see what style of writing I should use, and to get some ideas on how I could most efficiently describe the film. I also changed wording so that I could create a more vivid picture for the reader. While looking at reviews I learned that, they may say a picture is worth a thousand words, but movie reviewers seem to be able to paint a picture in a sentence.