Presentation at the IL-AFS Conference

Many of the results of our work are rolling in! Our new collaborator, North Joffe-Nelson, a master’s student at the University of Illinois, shared findings at the Illinois Chapter of the American Fisheries Society annual meeting on March 11th. His talk, entitled “Great Lakes Anglers’ preferences for future fishing scenarios influenced by the spread of aquatic invasive species” showed that minimizing impacts of invasive species and improving fish habitat quality are key priorities for anglers. Complete results will be shared in the coming months – stay tuned!

Screenshot of the zoom presentation stating the aim and objectives of the presentation. They are "understand angler preferences to help prioritize management decisions about aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes region. 1. Determine the relative importance of factors that characterize future fishing scenarios. 2. Estimate anglers' willingness to pay for future fishing scenarios. 3. Evaluate differences in angler preferences between the US and Canada.