AIS prevention in Illinois: Results

Technical Report:

Golebie, E., Joffe-Nelson, N., Siever, A., Hitzroth, G., Huegelmann, A., & C.J. van Riper. (2021). Addressing barriers to aquatic invasive species prevention behaviors among Illinois recreational water users. Report prepared for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. [PDF]

Peer-reviewed Publications:

Golebie, E. J., van Riper, C. J., Hitzroth, G., Huegelmann, A., & Joffe-Nelson, N. (2023). Barriers to participation in aquatic invasive species prevention among Illinois, USA recreational water usersBiological Invasions, 1-17. [Link]

Golebie, E. J., & van Riper, C. J. (2022). Enhancing Aquatic Invasive Species Outreach Through Values-framed MessagesEnvironmental Communication, 1-20. [Link]

The following peer-reviewed publications are in progress – stay tuned!

Joffe-Nelson, N., van Riper C. (in prep). Trust, values, and behavior regarding the spread of aquatic invasive species among recreational boaters in Illinois.

Siever, A., Golebie, E., van Riper C., et al. (in prep). Social and ecological drivers of behaviors that prevent aquatic invasive species transport.