Research Proposal Thinking Process

Proposal Revision Thinking Process

This was one of the most difficult assignments of the semester. I felt like this assignment was very confusing and I wasn’t sure if I was adding the correct information. I know that this Proposal was not one of my good pieces of writing. Now that I am able to review it once more I am able to see some areas that can use improvement. For example the beginning of my proposal was very weak and I needed to add extra information to help the paper have a flow as well as an organized layout. For example I didn’t talk about why I believed some of the topics I mentioned were important to this research paper.

I also saw how my thesis changed through my research. In other locations I was able to find that the annotated bibliography part was the confusing part. When I was writing my paper I didn’t know how the summary/analysis went together to explain why or how I would use the source, until now. After having feedback from Mary Hays I was able to see what my paper was lacking as well as how I could improve some of the main focus points.

In other places I found myself a little unclear, which explains how I was confused while writing this paper. Now that I have a better understanding of how to write this annotated bibliography I was able to have better paragraphs describing the sources I found. I also added information that I was missing like the type of article it was, how it would help me, and I can even summarize it correctly.