Revision Thought Process

Movie Review Thinking Process

This assignment was a very special one to me, because it allowed me to find a new interest in Native Americans. When I first heard about having Native Americans as mascots I didn’t find anything wrong, untilpeople began to talk about it. The movie opened my eyes to new perspectives and helped me find my own opinion to the Native American Mascot issue. The first time I wrote this essay I found myself writing this essay in a hurry because I didn’t give myself enough time to go back and edit it. This time I have Mary Hays’ feedback, and I get to go over it once more. To begin with I changed my title to give the audience a hint to what side my essay would be talking about. It used to be “In Whose Honor:Movie Review,” but I changed it to “The Natives Honnor: Movie Review”. This new title gives the audience a better idea of what I will be talking about.

In this paper I found myself using passive voice, which I didn’t think went well with the flow of the essay. I took out the passive voice because it was a little confusing to the reader and would cause distraction. I also had some grammar mistakes with apostrophes, which were easy fixes.

The other fix I made was the fact that I didn’t fully explain my reasoning for a claim I made. I had stated that the director of the movie had good angles. Then I decided that I should add in an example to support my claim.