Revision Thought Process

Thinking Process

Revising my research paper made me realize how much my writing has improved. To begin with my research paper didn’t lack too much. I had a couple of grammar mistakes which wasn’t too bad, but I went back and fixed them.

I also needed to be a little clearer with why I thought the way I did. For example one part that I needed further explanation was at the part where I stated:

 Not only should being bilingual be something to push on Native American Students, but the fact that culture is a big picture.

This needed to be fixed because it didn’t give the reader the main point I was trying to make so I changed it to this:

Not only should being bilingual be a reason for Native American students to learn a language, but learning their own language incorporates culture in the bigger picture.

I changed it to this because my point was to push language for cultural reasons.

Another place that I found myself making small mistakes was at the point where I mention my own conclusion, but I didn’t make it clear to the reader that I was my own ideas. I fixed it because if I were to leave it then the reader would have wanted it to be cited, but it was my own ideas so I said “I believe…” to fix the issue.

While revising my research paper I also noticed that I had some very strong points toward the end of my paper. I feel like toward the end I started to bring my whole paper together. I was very proud of myself with this paper because I had some great analysis, and a very organized thought process.

Since this was my last paper I wrote in your class Mary Hays, I feel like I can honestly say I have improved from the very beginning till now. Thank you for showing me everything you have showed me.