Revised Research Proposal

Native Americans Value Culture- Inside and Out: A Research Proposal
When I first started my research, I thought that I was going to talk about Indian mascots; however, after reading about Gerard’s interview, I decided to change it. I didn’t know exactly what subjects I wanted to research, but Native Americas were still calling my attention. I began to research more about Native Americas and their day to day life. Then, I came across a book that I read in high school called, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie. The book is about a Native American boy’s life on a reservation while he attends a school outside of the reservation. I didn’t know much about living on a reservation besides the fact that they are very poor, so I decided that I wanted to know more about their culture and how they continue to push forward despite their challenges. I believe the topic is important because when we learn about Native Americans in school, but are only given the “Chief Illiniwek” image: the University of Illinois old mascot. Native Americans are not all like that, but people don’t know this. Instead we should focus on who Native Americas really are, and I believe we can do so by learning about their culture.  Since not all of the Native Americans live on the res then the culture maybe be slightly different than those who do live on the res.  My question would have to be: How different is the culture of a Native America in the reservation, and outside the reservation?

In order to have a good research paper I need to create a plan. My plan will have to touch on how I will go about my search, what sources will I use, and where I would look for them. To begin with, I will try to only use sources from the Online Library page and maybe a book or two. The other part I will have to make sure I do is narrow my selection of choices online. To narrow my selection I will need to use key words from my research question. I will probably have to have in the search something like: Native Americans and their culture, Native American culture on the reservation, or even Native American Culture Outside of the reservation. After making my search a little narrower I will be able to select from popular sources or scholarly sources. I think I might use both types of sources because then I feel like I would get a wider look on this topic.

Since I will be using both popular sources and scholarly sources I feel like I might have some difficulties on finding articles that talk about culture inside and outside the reservation. I will use popular sources and scholarly sources to help me find information for Native Americans inside and out of the reservation I will be able to avoid that issue. Another difficult part will be finding articles about how the different the education system is outside of the reservation that give me statistics for only Natives. One way of avoiding articles that will not help is by making my search words very specific. I will probably use words like education, culture, Native Americans, and reservation.

Working thesis: Culture is a big part of Native Americans’ life. What is the different type of experience living on the reservation and outside of the reservation?
Annotated Bibliography
Dagley, Krystal, et al. “Coming To Terms, Depression, And Relationship Satisfaction For Native
Americans In Intimate Relationships.” Contemporary Family Therapy: An International Journal 34.4 (2012): 481-494. Academic Search Complete. Web. 14 Oct. 2014.
This article talks about some very common problems that go on in the lives of the Native Americans. A couple of the common issues are depression and problems in relationships. Since most of the people who have these issues are parents then the children are greatly affected by these types of problems. The author does a good job it helping me know what types of effects it has on the children.
I feel like I might be able to refer to this article for some help because I will be able to understand in more depth about problems that may affect the Native American culture. This article doesn’t really tell me much about the education in that Native American community, but it will help me understand the point of views of parents or other people amongst the tribe. This is a Scholarly article.
Fleming, Walter C. “Getting Past Our Myths And Stereotypes About Native
Americans.” Education Digest 72.7 (2007): 51-57.Academic Search Complete. Web. 13 Oct. 2014.
This article talks about the view most people have on the Native Americans based of what most people are taught in their early schooling life. This author also touches on a couple of stereotypes that most people have of Native Americans. This article hits on the point that not all Native Americans live on a reservation, but many live outside of the reservation. Then we are given an idea from the author of how Native American children can be taught best about respect and their culture.
This article can help my research, because it hits on how people are taught about Native Americans in school, and then the author corrects that stereotype that they all look like Indian mascots. The other part I found very interesting was that the author even gives us the readers an idea of how we should be teaching in a diverse classroom.
Garrett, Michael Tlanusta, and Eugene F. Pichette. “Red As An Apple: Native American
Acculturation And Counseling With Or Without Reservation.” Journal Of Counseling &
Development 78.1 (2000): 3-13. Academic Search Complete. Web. 3 Oct. 2014.
This source talks about the Native Americas are and the culture that has been evolving, due to the United States. For example this source talks about how most Native Americans go to cities for work and then go back home to their reservations, which helps me understand some of their day to day life. The other good thing about this article is that I am given some data which helps me have an image of how many people are being accounted for in this article.
In my opinion I feel like this article would help me with my research because it touches on most of the topics I would like to cover. For example that this source gives me a good idea what type of culture they have in the reservation and I can compare it to Native Americans outside of the culture.
Gentry, Marcia, et al. “Gifted Native American Students: Literature, Lessons, And Future
Directions.” Gifted Child Quarterly 58.2 (2014): 98-110. Academic Search Complete. Web. 14 Oct. 2014.
For this Article we are given a point of view on how Native Americans are the least researched, and most over looked people. This author made a very clear and bias stand about how Native Americas should be researched more about and about how they need to be taught more about their culture. This article gives three very well structured ideas about having a special program for Native Americans. Some of the ideas are to have surrounding literature be about Native Americans’ talents, culture, and lifestyles.
I feel like this article should help me in my research because I am given 3 well structured ideas about what should be important to a Native Americans culture. In order for me to use this article in my research I think I will need to figure out more about schools in the reservation and see what they have to offer compared to what the author wanted to change. I will need to find more information about the schooling system, who teaches, how many kids don’t finish school, and a couple of other questions that will help me better understand the lives of Native Americans. This is a scholarly source so I will be able to rely that this is true.
Jumper-Reeves, Leslie, et al. “American Indian Cultures: How CBPR Illuminated Intertribal
Cultural Elements Fundamental To An Adaptation Effort.” Prevention Science 15.4 (2014): 547-556. Academic Search Complete. Web. 14 Oct. 2014.
In this source I am able to find specifics on what exactly is a part of the native American community. I am also given the details I should know for a native American on the reservation as well as outside of the reservation. This article also gives me different points of views, for example we are told about the types of fundamental is needed by experts.
I feel like this article will help me in my research because I have been able to find key information in this article that I haven’t found in other sources. This is a scholarly source which gives me a better idea of how accurate this article is. I also like that I could find the limitations that the author had during her research.
McCarty, Teresa L., and Tiffany S. Lee. “Critical Culturally Sustaining/Revitalizing Pedagogy
And Indigenous Education Sovereignty.”Harvard Educational Review 84.1 (2014): 101-124. Academic Search Complete. Web. 13 Oct. 2014.
In this article I am given information about the Native America Children Alliance. This is a program that schools in the reservations try to do their best to incorporate culture to their learning experience. This article also talks about how some people believe that it is important to teach about language and culture. This article tells me about the NACA whose mission is to “provide a well-rounded education” for Native American students.
This article will help me in my process because it will help my support in finding out more about the culture that Native Americans have while being in a class room. This will also help me figure out what types of materials Native Americans are being taught in a class room and I need to know because then I can determine what is important or not. I like that this article gives me a good idea of how the NACA is really trying to keep the Native American culture alive and what better way to do so than to incorporate it in the children’s learning experiences.
Whalen, Kevin. “Finding The Balance: Student Voices And Cultural Loss At Sherman
Institute.” American Behavioral Scientist 58.1 (2014): 124-144. Academic Search Complete. Web. 14 Oct. 2014.
In this article we are told about how Native Americans have been using federal Indian boarding schools for a very long time now, but it has taken a toll on their culture. This author tells the reader about how most people don’t see the bed side of boarding school, and this author tells us what the bad side is. The Native American culture and their identity is what is being taken from the students once they start boarding school. The question that the article is asking is “how can scholars of Indian education illuminate Native approaches to boarding schools without underplaying the tremendous cultural loss they inflicted on indigenous communities?”
This article will help my research because the author talks about how life is outside of a reservation and the author gives me some cons about not going to school on the reservation. The author also does a good job in also giving me reasons why it is okay to go to a boarding school outside of the reservation. The author also talks about cultural genocide which I didn’t think about talking about in my research until I ran into this article.
Yellowtail, Thomas, and Michael Oren Fitzgerald. Native Spirit: The Sun Dance Way.
Bloomington, IN: World Wisdom, 2007. Print.
This is a book that talks about the Native Americas sun dance, which is a religious practice. This book shares some very old quotes as well as information about living in a tribe. The author also adds in the quotes of other members in tribes who have said remarkable things. The religion is a big part of the Native American culture, which I should know more about for this research project.
Most of the book will explain very important information I should know a little about. I will also be given quotes that have great meaning which will help me understand what types of values the Native Americans had. This is a book that only gives me information about religion and because of that I will have to use my other research to make an analysis.