December Tips & Resources

Congratulations! You are nearly there – the beginning of semester break and the holiday season is almost here. Below are some quick tips and recommendations as you finish up the last day of the semester and 2023 year!

Prioritize & Keep Going

Burnout and fatigue can present real challenges this time of year.  With the end of the semester comes final papers, projects, application drafting, exams, work, and other expectations.    It can also mean travel, family events, and time to reconnect with friends.  During this very busy time of year, it is very easy to become overwhelmed and feel pulled in multiple directions.  Prioritization is essential – consider the most critical and time sensitive tasks first and make proactive plans for how you utilize your time.  

For example, if you are working on applications, but also have a project due next week for your semester course – your course project should take priority.  Assess what is needed to finalize your project and how much time you feel will be necessary to complete, add a few extra hours for the unexpected.  Once you’ve made your assessment look at your calendar and chart in when you work on your project to complete it.

If you begin to feel overwhelmed revisit your plan, make sure you’re on track, adjust your plan if needed, and take a quick break to reset.  You can do this – good luck!

Plan Ahead & Research

Once you are thru the end of the semester, be sure you make a plan on how you will be spending your time during winter break.  It is very important that you take time to connect with important people and activities in your life, but that you also take advantage of the pause in the academic year to look forward to the spring and summer semesters. 

Internships: Check out the Internship Guide located on the Pre-Law Canvas page. for tips and insights on finding an internship, begin researching opportunities, identify possible references, and be sure to update and finalize your resume for applications!

Applications:  Now is the time to assess your application timeline and upcoming to do list items.  If you are applying this cycle here are some critical items to be sure are checked off your to-do list by end of December:

  • Purchasing the Credential Assembly Services (CAS)
  • Submitting Transcripts to CAS
  • Confirming Recommenders
  • LSAT Preparation
  • Confirming Application Requirements

Explore Legal Careers:  Be sure to check out the incredible selection of Alumni Attorney Talks located on the Blog and Canvas page.  Hear directly from UIUC Alumni on their careers and paths to law.  ATT features a variety of attorneys and judges, specializing in some of the most popular areas of law!

Considering Post-Graduate Plans?  Be sure to check out  a video of our recent Gap Year panel with insights from UIUC alumni working in a variety of settings prior to law school.

Want to get ahead for spring?  There is still time to consider taking a Winter Session online course.  This can be a great way to manage your overall spring obligations and take advantage of some unique course opportunities! The deadline to register is December 17. Learn more about available courses, deadlines, and fees online!

Rest & Rejuvenate!

Be sure to take time for yourself to recharge and rejuvenate from the semester.  However, you are celebrating this holiday season we wish you a very joyful time and a very Happy New Year!

Additional Resources!

  • Open Office Hours – Have quick questions before break. Visit us during virtual End of Semester Open Office hours. A complete list of hours can be found on the PLAS Events Calendar.
  • Advising Appointments – we are here to help throughout Winter Break – set-up an appointment online to speak with a pre-law advisor! The Pre-Law Advising Office will be closed from December 22 – January 1.
  • Mark Your Calendars – Be sure to check-out the Monthly Snapshot for upcoming pre-law events & deadlines.
  • Save the Date – 2024 Jumpstart – The LSAT Jumpstart program is for anyone planning to take an LSAT in 2024.