Poor Storage Worsens Declining Crop Production

Bhutan farmers have noted that they are losing substantial amounts of harvest crops due to rodents and insects – between 20 and 40% PHL of their harvests. Pests have caused issues due to lack of adequate storage facilities, as many farmers store their crops in jute sacks. Additionally, wild animal feeding habits, unpredictable weather, and the abundance of other job opportunities not within the agricultural sector have led to a precarious situation for Bhutan’s food security. In response, the National Post Harvest Centre has begun to promote improved maize and other crop storage. However, this comes with issues as formerly promoted maize silos failed and are now empty as they didn’t live up to the promoted benefits. Now, the NHPC is focusing on individual household storage as opposed to huge silos.

http://bhutanobserver.bt/5576-bo-news-about poor_storage_worsens_declining_crop_production.aspx

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