Belovari Wins Hugh A. Taylor Archivaria Award

Susanne Belovari, Archivist for Faculty Papers, has received the 2018 Hugh A. Taylor Award from Archivaria, the scholarly journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists, for her article “Historians and Web Archives.” Archivaria is one of only 2 peer-reviewed archival journals globally given an A+ for publication of quality research by the Australian Research Council in 2010. The full citation for Belovari’s award reads:

“The World Wide Web is often seen as the paradigmatic form of late twentieth century digital culture. Susanne Belovari’s fresh and timely article demonstrates that despite its  importance, archivists have not yet figured out how to preserve the Web for future use. The article brings both archival and historical perspectives to the debate about Web archiving: perspectives that, as the author shows, are much needed but have often been missing both from discussion of this topic and from practical initiatives in the Web archiving field. Through an imaginative and playful thought experiment that takes the perspective of a historian in 2050 trying to understand the Web in 2015, Belovari offers a stark vision of the archival future, demonstrating the dangerous limitations of most current approaches to Web preservation. ”

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Hahn Receives Highly Commended Award

Jim Hahn, Orientation Services and Environments Librarian, has received a 2018 Emerald Literati Highly Commended Award for his article, “Use and users of the Minrva mobile app,” published in Reference Services Review.




For over 25 years the Emerald Literati Awards, which include the Awards for Excellence and Citations of Excellence, have celebrated and reward the outstanding contributions of authors and reviewers to scholarly research.

Portions of this post have been adapted from an Emerald Press Release

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