The President shall: 1) Be the chief executive officer of the Chapter. 2) Preside at all meetings of the Chapter and Executive Board, and follow the order of business as outlined in Article XVI. 3) In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside at the meetings of the student Chapter. The President shall appoint all special committees and shall promptly fill vacancies in the membership of these special committees created by any cause. These shall not include the committees set forth by Article XXII of the Bylaws. 4) Serve as a member of the Executive Board, ex officio, and with the same franchise as its other members and shall be considered an ex officio member of all committees with full power to supervise and direct their work. 5) Vote only in the case of a tie vote. 6) Make sure that all officers are aware of their constitutional duties. 7) Serve as President of the Hill’s Student Feeding Committee and preside at all meetings.

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