Fusion 360 for Days.

I love Fusion 360. I’m in a class currently trying to learn how to use Solidworks and I think it’s the most difficult thing in the world. Fusion 360 takes the organic creation of shapes to an entirely new level. Rhino is great for organic shapes, but it’s very mathematically oriented, thus making it much harder to get an organic shape “just right”. Fusion 360 gives the user easy access to control points, and is extremely intuitive when it comes to usability.

I enjoyed listening to the guys teach today, especially since Jim is an industrial designer. I love the design jargon thrown around and I really loved looking at his sketching. Chris, (name check?) I think was a great teacher. He showed me how to integrate the use of Fusion tools into my CAD program of choice, Rhino, giving me the best of both worlds. I still need work on that though because I tried to render a computer mouse and I created more of a potato.

I’m eager to continue playing with Fusion. So far it’s the easiest program to learn out of all of the ones I’ve experienced. The “sculpt” tool is especially cool. Acquiring the exact curvature desired is a hard thing to do when it comes to shaping and Fusion makes it so easy to be precise.

I think it can get a little wonky in places, which is frustrating. I ran into issues making my lamp shade anything close to symmetrical. It was extremely abstract and looked like something that’d fit well on my chaotic desk, but I was proud of that bad boy.

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