Week 4 Reflection

This week was fun because I love doing scans. I’ve done one before and it’s fun to see yourself printed! There’s nothing quite like it. It’s especially cool to see other people do it. I loved interacting with everyone as they created themselves, adding shapes and words and doing everything possible to make it unique. It was fun to look around at the printers and put a “face to a face”.

Personally, I got a little too overzealous and excited with mine. When I did this last year, I had no idea how to work with any sort of CAD program. I was proud to make myself a little head and that was a good day for me. This time, I went nuts. I put myself in a flower pot with a flower coming out of my head. However, it got a little too thin for the supports and the Makerbot towards the top. I need to get a better idea of what I can get away with as far as 3D Printing goes, as I had this problem before with a design. I had to try to print the thing over 20 times (sadly not an exaggeration) but the design was simply too thin. I’m eager to experiment with this though and find better ways of doing it!

It was neat to see Aric come in and speak on his class. The videos and some of the things the other class was doing and has done was extremely impressive. It got me thinking of what I wanted to create and a problem to address so I have a few ideas floating around!

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