Week 4 giveaway!!!

Hi, unbelievably we have come through 4 weeks “severe”(=ez) journey of DIGITAL M(S)A(P)K(O)I(R)N(T)G(S) kreygasmkappa

And Now I want to introduce you my masterpieces4head

1, I finally printed out my team’s nameCard, here we go:




Cheers, S,G,R and me and #3Dprinting!

It looks very nice if you photo it by unaided eyeskappa but my iPad sucks(which is real in terms of camera)

ANd the original CAD looks like this:


IT is very exciting when you see CAD file become real from void just by a printer working for roughly 30 mins~

2, This is the one shows how powerful scanners are:

My sculpture

Future world will be a world of sensors and scanners will play a big role in translating reality into virtuality.

See you next weekkappa🙂

One thought on “Week 4 giveaway!!!

  1. The name card turned out great. It looks awesome; great job HY! I also sympathize with your reaction to how exciting it is when you see something translate from a digital file into a tangible item. I also really like what you did with your platform and your digital scan. Putting your name on the platform was a great idea – perhaps people in the future will have similar designs for their nametags on desks instead of simply just having their names in text?

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