ASA Datafest – Loyola University Chicago

During the weekend of April 08-10, the Math/Stat Department at Loyola is organizing an ASA Datafest event to take place at the Lake Shore Campus of Loyola University Chicago.


I am writing to you so that you can help us advertise this event to the undergraduate and masters students in your Department/University. Note that this is not restricted to statistics students. I attached to this email a poster that could be used for advertising either by posting it in the boards or forwarding the email.


The ASA website for the event is here:


Our event at Loyola is funded by several companies, including Google, Open Datagroup, Gallup and Baseball Prospectus, among others. Prizes will be awarded to the best groups.

The official website for the Loyola event (including registration) is here:


Thank you for helping us spread the word.

Adriano Z. Zambom
Assistant Professor of Statistics – Loyola University Chicago