Cost Advantage

In short: All sites within and are already licensed. Any unit can use the product for a site (or any number of sites) within one of these domains for a pittance (~$1300 annually) compared to what it would cost to license this product for a single domain today — let alone for unlimited subdomains.

See the History page for more, but to focus in on the cost advantage… In 2010, Craig Jackson (with LAS@UIC at the time) embarked on a collaborative, multi-campus, multi-unit endeavor to acquire an enterprise license of Sitefinity. At the time, the enterprise license included…

  • rights for unlimited sub-domains of licensed “parent” domain (in our case, and
  • rights for unlimited instances of the product

In other words — this license offers unlimited instances for unlimited domains under and That’s a lot of value.

The cost for renewal of this “grandfathered” license from 2010, is just under $7000 annually. Shared among units using it (there are currently five) — the cost to each unit is ~$1300. Because it is already licensed, units coming on board can begin to use it immediately, with a commitment to share in the annual renewal cost each November.

Since 2010, Sitefinity has become a market-leader, and its cost has risen — its licensing model changed — accordingly to a position that is more in alignment with peer market leaders.

If we were to license (anew) the product using a domain-based model today for all of the and sites using Sitefinity, the price-tag would be well over >$100,000. As of this writing, a single Enterprise License for a single domain alone (with no sub-domains), would cost ~$15,000.


All sites within and are already licensed. The cost for a unit to use Sitefinity for an or domain and to run their own instance(s) is approximately $1300 annually (~$7,000 / the-number-of-units-using-Sitefinity). The more units using Sitefinity, the smaller the per-unit cost is.

Note: Multi-Site Manager (MSM) was not part of the Enterprise License in 2010. In 2014, LAS@UIC and Education at Illinois each bought a license for Multi-Site Manager for each parent domain ( and Cost-sharing is available for Multi-Site Manager as well — for those sites interested in it. Renewal cost for MSM for each parent domain is $6,000.