Birds of a Feather Group

The “consortium” members of Sitefinity at U of I get together about once a month to share and to learn about how Sitefinity is being used by the other units.

This group is a small community of Sitefinity users from U of I who can bounce ideas off one another and support each other.

This group and its gatherings create opportunities for units to build off one another’s work. For example, to leverage integrations with things like…

  • Web Service’s Tools including News, Events, and even Email+
  • The campus directory at
  • Campus catalog (including CITL’s supplemental course information for online courses)

It can also serve as a way of sharing ideas about and integrating things like…

  • Emergency Notification
  • Digital Signage
  • Accessibility
  • Identity Standards
  • Google Search (Including Google Search Appliance hosted by AITS)
  • Google Analytics and Google AdWords
  • Shared solutions such as faculty information management systems like Activity Insight (in use by Education and Business)

Interested in joining the group? Contact Bryan Jonker:

A Multi-Campus, Multi-Unit Initiative at the U of I