History at UofI

Nov 2011: LAS@UIC first buys UIC.EDU license (unlimited instances, unlimited subdomains) and goes live with first site in December, 2011.

Spring 2012: College of Business (at UIC) uses Sitefinity in partnership with LAS@UIC.

Fall 2012: Facilities & Services (at Illinois) begins using Sitefinity and the ILLINOIS.EDU license is purchased.

Fall 2013: CITL begins using Sitefinity.

Fall 2014:

  • Education at Illinois begins using Sitefinity.
  • Education at Illinois and LAS@UIC explore path to acquiring Multi-Site Manager. Telerik promotes upgrading to a more contemporary version of Enterprise License, but participating members agree simply to renew existing license instead.
  • College of Business (at UIC) decides to move away from Sitefinity
  • Sitefinity enters Gartner “Magic Quadrant” for commercial Web CMS market
  • Telerik is bought by Progress

Spring 2015:

  • LAS@UIC and Education at Illinois acquire separate, custom add-on licenses (respectively for uic.edu and illinois.edu domains) for Multi-Site Manager.

Summer 2016: Tax School (ACES @ Illinois) begins using Sitefinity.

Summer 2017: Prairie Research Institute begins using Sitefinity.

Fall 2017: Beckman Institute begins using Sitefinity.


A Multi-Campus, Multi-Unit Initiative at the U of I