Why Sitefinity?

Sitefinity is a market-leading, .NET-based Web Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Marketing Platform from Progress, a company with a mission “to help people build and deliver engaging customer experiences”.

Sitefinity offers the following key advantages for units at U of I:

  • Significant licensing cost-savings (a tiny fraction of the price one would pay today) for a market-leading product thanks to a grandfathered Enterprise licensing effort from 2010 (for sites within illinois.edu and uic.edu domains). Learn more…
  • Strategic/Efficient Use of Labor, thanks to a true, vended Web CMS product that allows local web developers to focus on campus- and unit-specific customizations and integrations and less on managing and otherwise making the CMS work reasonably well. (Also see Multi-Site Manager for increased efficiencies across multiple sites.)
  • Best of breed web editor experience, including Inline Editor, and the popular Telerik RAD Editor.
  • Best of breed developer solution, including a robust API, full .NET, MVC, Microsoft IDE support/integration.
  • Best-of-breed Multi-Site Manager feature delivers significant value for units wishing to leverage investment in a primary site (design, content, features) for “sister” or “derivative” sites.
  • Optimize your Digital Marketing with Multi-Site Manager, deep Google Analytics integration, sophisticated “customer journey” analysis, optimization and personalization.
  • Support from vendor.
  • Support from and collaboration with local Sitefinity experts — the U of I “birds of a feather” group. Great for sharing solutions and code for common needs such as accessibilty, emergency notification, integration with digital signage, webtools (e.g., News & Events), directory, course catalog, authentication/authorization, etc., etc.

A Multi-Campus, Multi-Unit Initiative at the U of I